store your kids' seasonal toys in self storagestore your kids' seasonal toys in self storage

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store your kids' seasonal toys in self storage

Having kids comes with having a lot of stuff. Your kids probably have a bunch of toys and equipment that they use during each season. Maybe there is a pile of sleds in the garage for winter fun and a pile of inflatables and rafts for fun in the summer. You know, you don't have to trip over all of your kids seasonal toys all year long. You can use a self storage unit to store the things that are only used during certain seasons. My site will help you prepare the items for storage so that they remain in good condition so they can be used next year.



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3 Tips For Packing Small Appliances

When you are planning on moving, packing is one of the first things you need to think about. When it comes to small appliances, it can be difficult knowing exactly how to pack them and whether or not you should put them in boxes or just place them directly in the moving truck. These tips will give you more insight into how to properly pack and move small appliances.

Prepare the Appliances

Before you pack your small appliances, take some time getting them ready. In most cases, you should not just unplug the appliance and put it in a box. You can start by cleaning all of your small appliances. Wipe them down, empty out the crumb tray in your toaster, and wash your microwave inside and out. Make sure they are fully dry before you start packing them away. If your appliances have anything that disassembles, make sure you take them apart before packing them.

Also take out any removable parts, such as the glass tray in your microwave or blades inside your blender, and put them in a labeled plastic bag. Keep them close to the appliance when you pack it.

Find the Right Box

The best boxes for small appliances are the boxes they came in, but you might not still have them. If not, the next best thing is to plastic bins or strong and sturdy cardboard boxes. Do not use the flimsy cardboard boxes that have been in your garage since the last time you moved. Even light appliances need a good, sturdy box for packing. Line the inside of the box with brown paper preferably, instead of newsprint. Newspaper is not the best for packing since the ink can transfer to the appliances. You can also crumple up a few extra pieces of paper to put on the bottom of the box.

Pack the Appliances

You should now be ready to pack your small appliances. Wrap the appliance with the same brown paper you used to line the bottom of the box. Once again, do not use newspaper to wrap them unless you will be unwrapping them right after the move. After wrapping each appliance, secure the paper around them with tape. Make sure they are fully dried after cleaning before wrapping them.

When you start packing boxes, choose one appliance and all of its accessories, cords, or removable parts, and put them all together in that box. If there is room for another appliance and its accessories, include it. If not, choose other small items that go in the kitchen to put in the box next to the appliance. Make sure you pay attention to the weight of the boxes. Just because multiple appliances fit in a large box, doesn't mean they should. You might not even be able to lift it! For extra protection, fill any gaps in the box with crumpled paper.

Make sure you also label the boxes properly so the movers, like the ones at Dixie Moving and Storage Inc., know to handle the appliances carefully. Also keep in mind that if you are choosing full-service movers, they will do the packing for you.