store your kids' seasonal toys in self storagestore your kids' seasonal toys in self storage

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store your kids' seasonal toys in self storage

Having kids comes with having a lot of stuff. Your kids probably have a bunch of toys and equipment that they use during each season. Maybe there is a pile of sleds in the garage for winter fun and a pile of inflatables and rafts for fun in the summer. You know, you don't have to trip over all of your kids seasonal toys all year long. You can use a self storage unit to store the things that are only used during certain seasons. My site will help you prepare the items for storage so that they remain in good condition so they can be used next year.



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3 Tips To Help You Load Your Moving Truck

Statistics show that the average American will move 11.7 times during their life. With so many moves projected for your future, knowing how to reduce the stress associated with moving could prove valuable.

Here are three tips that will help you take the guesswork out of packing your moving truck the next time you move from one home to another.

1. Start with the end in mind.

When your moving truck arrives it can be tempting to begin loading things as quickly as possible. While you certainly want to complete your move in a timely manner, a bit of pre-planning could save you a lot of stress when you arrive at your new home.

Take the time to separate the items that you will immediately need access to in your new home from the rest of your belongings. These items could include dishes, bedding, and clothing. Load these items in the moving truck last, so that you will be won't have to unpack everything to get to them.

2. Consider building a custom crate to house valuable items.

Since space in a moving truck is limited, you will likely want to stack your items vertically to maximize storage space. Most people think of cardboard boxes when it comes to moving materials, but these boxes are not equipped to withstand a lot of vertical weight being placed on them.

If you have valuable items that you will be moving in your truck, it's wise to build a custom wood crate to house these items. In addition to prevent shifting during transport, wooden crates provide the strength needed to withstand vertical weight without buckling. Wooden crates will help keep your prized possessions safe while they are loaded in the moving truck.

3. Secure your load with ratchet straps.

Even if you are planning to use an enclosed moving truck (available from companies like Upland Stor King Property) to transport your belongings, securing your load with ratchet straps can be helpful. Boxes that are stacked vertically on top of one another have a tendency to shift during transit. When this happens, the items within your boxes can easily become damaged or break.

By loading your moving truck in cells, and securing each cell once it has been packed, you can rest assured knowing that each box will remain firmly in place until you arrive at your new home.

Knowing how to properly pack a moving truck could save you a significant amount of stress the next time you move. Be sure that you take time to identify boxes containing items you will need immediately upon arrival, build custom wood crates when necessary, and secure your load with ratchet straps to make your move as seamless as possible,