store your kids' seasonal toys in self storagestore your kids' seasonal toys in self storage

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store your kids' seasonal toys in self storage

Having kids comes with having a lot of stuff. Your kids probably have a bunch of toys and equipment that they use during each season. Maybe there is a pile of sleds in the garage for winter fun and a pile of inflatables and rafts for fun in the summer. You know, you don't have to trip over all of your kids seasonal toys all year long. You can use a self storage unit to store the things that are only used during certain seasons. My site will help you prepare the items for storage so that they remain in good condition so they can be used next year.



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3 Alternatives To Traditional Moving Supplies

As you prepare for your move, you might be considering alternatives to the traditional supplies used for moving. Cardboard boxes and tape can be expensive and waste money on an item you are going to get rid of after a single use. These 3 alternative moving materials may suit you best for your situation.

Rent Plastic Moving Bins

An option that has become more popular recently is renting plastic bins to move your belongings. Not many people are aware of it since it's just starting to gain popularity. Check with your local moving company to see if it's a service that they offer or if there is a company in your area that does it.

The plastic bins are sturdy and don't require any tape to close. It will save not only time but also the environment. The bins are stackable and come assembled so you can start packing immediately.

Since you need to return the bins, this service may not be available for long distance moves; however, it is ideal for local moves.

Use Plastic Wrap

Protecting your furniture can be expensive if you are relying on blankets and moving pads to cover everything up. This is one material that can be expensive to rent and does not even guarantee that the material will stay on your furniture during the move.

Consider purchasing a large spool of plastic wrap. It is a great way to quickly wrap furniture to protect its surfaces from scratches, and it stays on during the entire move. No longer do you need to box up your couch cushions individually; you can just wrap them to the couch, and they will stay in place. You can wrap plastic around a dresser to keep the drawers from sliding out during the move as well.

Purchase Suit Bags

Wardrobe boxes have been a traditional way to transport clothing on hangers for years. The problem with these boxes are that they are expensive, and you have no use for them once your clothing gets to your new home. Suit bags can be a great way to transport your clothing and ensure that it arrives without any wrinkles or damage.

Many clothes can be placed in a suit bag, and the bags can be stacked on top of each other as well in the moving truck. Once you arrive at your new home, the bags can be hung up directly in your closet. The clear exterior will make it easy to see what is inside the bags and will help you find clothing while you are still getting everything unpacked. You can also leave the clothes in the bags to protect them until you are ready to wear them again.

Hopefully, you found these three options for alternative moving materials viable for your next move. For more advice, speak with experts like Redondo Van & Storage.